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Company Holidays (last updated 9 Sep 2017)

Our offices will be closed for a later than usual summer break for the period 13th September to 30 September 2017. We apologies for any inconvenience. 

Please be assured that we will deal with your queries and orders as quickly as is possible on our return.

JS Client Ports (last updated 29 August 2017)

The release date for JS-OWrite will be the 31st of August 2017. This release will be compatible with Studio version 6.1.3 or better, 8.0.3 or better, or 8.1.

Our next JS-Client project will be porting JS-OCal, which will be followed by JS-OGantt in the new year.

Omnis Studio 8.1 ports (last updated 29 August 2017)

We are currently updating our products to support Studio version 8.1 beta 3. Below is the current list of completed ports available for download from the support website. 

Product Version Date

05 JUL 2017


28 JUN 2017
OSpell2 3.2.4 28 JUN 2017
PDFDevice 3.2.8 28 JUN 2017
OCal 2.0.0 28 JUN 2017
OLDAP* 2.0.0 ETA: delayed
OGantt Beta available on request ETA: delayed**

* The LDAP component has been ported to the Studio non-visual component SDK. This means that you will be required to change your code to take advantage of this port.
** We are currently resolving some COCOA port issues. The current beta release is available on request. 

JS Client Ports (last updated 22 December 2016)

JS OWrite is available as a beta. You may download the beta demo version at

Omnis Studio Macintosh Cocoa ports (last updated 22 December 2016)

We have now released Studio 8 ports on Macintosh for most of our components and are continuing to port LDAP and OGantt. These final ports are now expected to be completed during August and September instead of June/August. We apologize for the additional delay but we have been dealing with a number of unexpected issues that have set us back by a few weeks.

Product Macintosh*
release version / date


16 JUN 2016


15 JUN 2016
OSpell2 3.2.4 15 JUN 2016
PDFDevice 3.2.5 15 JUN 2016
OGantt Beta available on request  
OCal 2.0.0 15 JUN 2016
LDAP* 2.0.0 beta 1 5 AUG 2016

* The LDAP component has been ported to the Studio non-visual component SDK. This means that you will be required to change your code to take advantage of this port.
** Known issues: -
- Retina (high-resolution screen) compatibility issues on Windows.
- Printing to printer using $::print() method, page content is offset by non-printable margin. Omnis Software are working on a fix.

EurOmnis 2016 (13th September 2016)

I am pleased to announce that I will be attending EurOmnis as a speaker again this year. As usual, my main subjects will be Omnis notation and external component development with a focus on JS Client development. For 2016 I have prepared a completely new presentation for designing your own custom JS Client controls without resorting to c++, and I have updated the notation presentation to include important new Studio 8 notation. I will also be demonstrating the use of Brainy Data components in commercial sessions which may be of equal interest to those new to our software and to old hands. One focus will be on designing a point-and-click interface for the various OWrite merge fields which allows developer to add formatting and other custom merge options to their merge fields.

I will also be demonstrating OWrite for JS Client which will be in beta release stage. This means that all features that will be included in version 4 of OWrite/JS OWrite will have been implemented. I will also be happy to discuss the possibility of using OWrite without the Studio JS-Client by connecting to the Omnis server via other routes.

For a detailed description of my session please visit the EurOmnis website at As it has now become tradition, we will be offering large discounts off our software to all EurOmnis attendees, so if you have not booked your conference tickets already, I urge you to do so now at

I hope I see you there

This newsletter is for informational purposes only. Brainy Data assumes no responsibility for its accuracy, and the information is subject to change without notice. Any use of, or actions taken based upon, any of the information contained in this newsletter is done entirely at your own risk.

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OWrite v3.8.9.6 maintenance release
21st August 2017

OWrite v3.8.9.5 feature/maintenance release
5th July 2017

OSpell2 v3.2.4 Studio 8.1 port
28th June 2017

PDFDevice v3.2.8 Studio 8.1 port/maintenance release
28th June 2017

OCal v2.0.0 Studio 8.1 port
28th June 2017

JSSignature v1.0.2  Studio 8.1 port
28th June 2017

PDFWriter v5.5.1.7 feature/maintenance release
22nd May 2017

LDAP v2 beta 1 Studio non-visual component rewrite
5th August 2016

OGantt v4.0.1 Studio 6.1 64bit windows
25th May October 2015

OWrite for JS Client GM is anticipated August/September 2017

PHP Spellchecker for JS-OWrite
Research stage

Research stage

OCal for JS Client
Port will
commence October 2017.

OGantt for JS Client
Port will
commence in 2018

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