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Customers that have Sponsored our Software

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to our customers who have contributed towards the development costs of our software. Without their support some of our products may have never seen the light of day.
            Michael Monschau (Director, Brainy Data Limited)
Italy 888 Software Product srl
888 Software Products developed the original OGantt component. It has been an integral part of their project management software for many years. Brainy Data has acquired the copyright to OGantt and the software will now be further developed and maintained by Brainy Data. Thanks to their generosity, Omnis developers world wide will now be able to benefit from this sophisticated GANTT chart component.
            Contact: Stefano Manzoli

United States AMS Services (formerly INSTAR Corporation)
AMS Services financed and supported the original development of PDFWriter for Omnis Classic and OWrite and PDFDevice for Omnis Studio. It was their support in the early years that kick started our success in the Omnis component market.
            Contact: Larry Barcot

Canada Arts Management Systems
Arts Management Systems supported the original development of OCal. Arts Management Systems has been a great supporter of our Products and Services over the past few years.
            Contact: Doug Easterbrook

United States Clients & Profits
Clients & Profits financed the original development of the OSX Panther tab control and most recently supported our efforts in translating our OGantt software.
            Contact: Mark Robillard

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Last Updated: 27 November 2017 Brainy Data Limited

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