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OWrite for Omnis Studio



OWrite is a powerful desktop client and server control for Omnis Studio that provides sophisticated ad-hoc reporting and document management features within Windows and Macintosh client and server environments.

OWrite looks and behaves like a word processor allowing end-users to feel right at home and although OWrite may not support some features found in mainstream word processors, it possesses more than enough word-processing power for users and developers to fashion professional documents and templates capable of merging complex data from any Omnis application. 

Its specialized features coupled with its word-processor style implementation make OWrite an indispensable tool, providing end users with an easy-to-use powerful interface for managing the appearance of their data-bound documents, and providing developers with the programmability to truly control every aspect of ad-hoc reporting. In addition, the provision of a non-visual document object class provides unsurpassed power for automated processes.


Price: OWrite limited deployment from 470,- unlimited deployment from 3.870,- *
All OWrite licenses include free OSpell2 and PDFDevice licenses.

OWrite BrochureOWrite Brochure

OWrite Flash Presentation

* Note: technical support is not included and is required for receiving support feedback and patch releases for software errors.

Main Features
  • Wealth of text and paragraph formatting options
  • Styles
  • Pictures
  • Text boxes
  • Embedded calculations
  • Page layout and normal view
  • Spell check as you type*
  • Programmable interface
  • Powerful "Find & Replace"
  • Visual, non-visual and report components
  • Object-orientated design
  • RTF support **
  • Interactive rulers
  • Fully integrated with OSpell2 (about OSpell2)*
  • HTML Generation
  • PDF Generation (about PDFDevice)*
  • Document scaling (25% to 400% on screen)
  • OWrite for Web-Client (version 4.3 or better)
  • Tables
  • Document Statistics
  • Label Printing

New for version 3

  • Headers & Footers
  • Enhanced font handling
  • Bookmarks
  • New multi-selection search feature
  • Enhanced table handling
    and much more...

* Requires the purchase of our "OWrite Plus" bundle offer
** RTF support is limited to the word-processing features provided by OWrite

Supported Platforms


Mac OS X 10.6 or better


Windows 7 or better

Supported Omnis Versions

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio non-Unicode version 4.3 or better

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Omnis Studio Unicode version 4.3 or better

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 (under development) Omnis Studio JavaScript Client version 6.1 or better
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